RYA Instructor
Professional Skipper

Corporate sailing

Sailing is a great leveller and to sail well requires great teamwork and communication.  Sailing offers a level of bonding and teamwork that you just don’t see on the golf course.  We can offer bespoke professional advice and consultancy to improve team performance by offering:

Professional Team Building

Multi discipline, multi level or same level.  This is ideal for new teams, or teams facing new challenges.  With your input and our extensive business experience in the Corporate World we can tailor the day to meet your specific needs, be it to improve communication, problem solving, enhancing emotional intelligence, improving productivity and effective teamwork. We can enhance the experience further with follow on personal leadership coaching.

Professional Relationship Building

Ideal for clients, prospective clients and staff.  Your clients will have a day to remember and will benefit from the close working relationships they develop during sailing. 

Corporate Racing

If you are unsure how to proceed with organizing race events and need guidance, we can help you, please call us to discuss.  Racing is a great way to get the competitive juices working between internal and external teams.

I can vouch that sailing is a great way to enhance business relationships.  I have been an employee of IBM, BT (in the Global Challenge days), Sun Microsystems and participated in many corporate sailing events with my clients before becoming a professional skipper.